Research interests & specialisms

  • Culture studies within film & TV
  • Post-production sound & the evolving UK freelancer
  • Community development in Britain's 21st Century
  • Sustainable futures & technology for communities
  • Social prescribing & the timebanking culture of skill exchange
  • Ethnographic film production & rural community records

Graduating from Falmouth University in 2016 with a first-class degree in Film, Claire has since returned to Falmouth to complete a Masters in Film & TV at distinction level. Her research interests so far have focussed on the creative and critical practice of postproduction in film and television.

BA Film

Falmouth University 2016 Dissertation

21st Century Sound Effect Libraries: How They Are Challenging the “Sound Designer” Credit

MA Film

Falmouth University 2018 Dissertation

Shifting Use Of Popular Music In British Period Dramas: Challenging Conventions In Peaky Blinders

Falmouth University 2018 Dissertation

Desperately Feminine: Post-Feminist Identities in Desperate Housewives (CHERRY, [TV], 2004-12)

Falmouth University 2017 Case Study

Sound in the Cloud: Will it be the death of post-production businesses?

Claire brings a mature and intelligent approach to her work and is able to communicate complex ideas to others in a clear and concise language. She is a self-starter, enthusiastic, motivated and capable. Her academic and creative work were of a consistently strong standard throughout her studies, well-researched and delivered with an informed writing style.

With her open mind, enthusiasm, social sensitivity, as well as an ability to quickly respond to constructive feedback, Claire has the potential to become a very successful research student and young academic. I already envy the person who will be her PhD supervisor: they will have a pleasant and smooth running job.

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