Piano lessons

One-on-one weekly music and piano lessons in Carharrck or online, which combine practice with theory.

Flexible and adaptive teaching style, which is catered to suit your learning style in order to reach your goals.

Target-orientated lessons, whether the goal is music grade exams or public performances.

Relaxed, friendly and engaging lessons taught practically through games and duets.

Music and piano lessons in Carharrack

Looking to start music and piano lessons in Carharrack?

All students who learn with Claire explore a variety of options before setting their own personal goals and identifying what sort of music they'd like to play. All students are taught to read music and to play with other people. Personal practise is crucial to progress and an instrument at home is required.

  • Beginners welcome
  • Pop, jazz and classical music
  • All ages from 6+
  • Own instrument is required
  • Progression through Trinity London College exam board
  • 100% pass rate

Music and Piano lessons in Carharrack

Length: 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes (depending on the student).

Cost: £15 per 30 minutes + the cost of any books/exams required throughout each term.

Frequency: weekly.

Payment: direct debit at the start of a school term.

Holidays: most lessons pause during school holidays, although I often teach throughout some half terms depending on availability/demand.

Requirements: students require something to practise on from home. Keyboards will do for early beginners, but anyone considering learning beyond a year is encouraged to invest in a quality digital or upright piano.

Music and piano lessons in Cornwall: lessons are flexible, if you're interested in learning anything from music notation reading, to rhythm to piano performance, get in touch!

What students can expect to learn

  • Basic piano posture and playing techniques
  • How to read music notation
  • Basic composition and improvisation techniques
  • Practise techniques and self-learning skills
  • Music theory
  • Sight reading
  • Aural skills
  • Scales & technical studies
  • Playing with others
  • Accompanying singers/other instruments
  • Performance
  • Critical personal reflection of their performance
  • Exam techniques
  • Interpreting music & developing a personal style

Tasters for music and piano lessons in Carharrack are available with no full-term commitment, at the cost of a single 30 minute lesson.

Sight reading challenge

During the strange time of 2020 when the world was in lockdown, some of my family and friends started requesting the odd song over a video call. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and my social media 'sight reading challenge' was in full swing.

Sight reading has always been my favourite occupation at the piano, but this challenge was a great opportunity to face the fear of sharing sight reading publicly. A lot of musicians and students are intimidated to share their music with others for the fear of making a mistake. Taking a sight reading request everyday and filming the attempt was a great way to share my music not only with my students, but with people who hadn't heard me play in years.

I am now more motivated than ever to try and share my passion for sight reading with students, and to show that sight reading doesn't have to be that scary!

Flexible lessons to suit you.

Video lessons are now available!

If you are more comfortable learning in your home, or are not local to Carharrack, I am happy to teach online via a call platform that suits you.