Gaza: still alive 

 April 22, 2019


Gaza still alive still

A documentary revealing the mental health catastrophe among Palestinians in the impoverished Gaza Strip, amid ongoing war trauma and after a decade of isolation from the world.

Gaza still alive is the story of Gazans’ immense invisible suffering, through the eyes of ordinary civilians and the psychologists tasked with supporting them against all odds.

Produced, written and directed by Harry Fear.

Copyright© “RT” A.N.O. “TV-Novosti” 2019

Claire from Porth Sound worked on the documentary, providing additional dubbing mixing for the voiceover in Gaza: Still Alive.

Porth Sound was founded by “James & Claire”, a stereo pair of “soundies” who provide end-to-end sound services from recording through to the final mix. Our sound work covers film, television and online video content. Based in Cornwall, Southwest England, we frequently travel for work and are always on the look out to work with like-minded people. Our home studio runs Pro Tools 12, Izotope RX 6 for post-production sound and we use online methods of working to collaborate with clients from Cornwall to LA.

Visit the film's website for photos and more.

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