A grand day out 

 October 29, 2014


Documentary film capturing the spirit of the Collingbourne Ducis & Everleigh Village Show in Wiltshire during September 2014.

Documenting the Collingbourne Show

A Grand Day Out is a collaboration with Paul Foxall, retired of the BBC, and the DEVS Show committee, who commissioned this film project in January 2014.

This short documentary is a picturesque time capsule of the community spirit that drives Collingbourne Ducis & Everleigh. Interviews with local families, volunteers and organisers capture the history of the show as it has evolved. Become immersed in the atmosphere of the 2014 show with classic cars, the donkey derby and a variety of traditional crafts & games.

Documenting the Collingbourne Show

Making the film

This short film brought together a long list of knowledgeable and passionate local people in Wiltshire.

Claire visited local people in the weeks leading up to the show to gather their knowledge on its history and to capture their feelings for the big day ahead.

Production was split between several cameras at once to make sure nothing was left out. A few young people even became camera operators during the donkey derby by wearing chest-mounted cameras.

Documenting the Collingbourne Show

Meet the crew

As Producer/Director, Claire selected students from Falmouth University to build her production team.

Director/Producer: Claire Stevens | Camera Operators: Luca Parasiliti, Ingrid Holstad and Lewis Gillingham | Timelapse Sequences: Lewis Gillingham | Grading: Ollie Chater | Editor: Claire Stevens | Executive Producer: Paul Foxall

Watch the film

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