The Yellow Wallpaper 

 April 11, 2019


A husband tries his hardest to help his wife through post traumatic stress, but his growing impatience of his wife’s inability to get past the trauma begins to have an opposite effect on her mental health and well being.

The yellow wallpaper actresses

The Yellow Wallpaper

Claire, from Porth Sound, completed sound design, editorial and final mix services for The Yellow Wallpaper's sound track, combining ethereal and musical effects with Alexander Carson‘s music score.

The yellow wallpaper cast and crew

About the short film

The Yellow Wallpaper is a short film written by Sulin Hasso and directed by Joseph Hobbs based on an original short story by American writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Her story was first published in January 1892 in The New England Magazine and is regarded as an important piece of American feminist literature, because it illustrated the attitudes towards women’ health in the 19th century at the time.


About the adaptation

The Yellow Wallpaper is a first-person collection of journal entries written by a woman whose physician husband (John) has rented an old mansion for the summer.

The woman is moved into the upstairs nursery and is forbidden from working, encouraged to eat well and get plenty of air. This ‘treatment’ was designed by her husband in order for her to recover from a “temporary nervous depression – a slight hysterical tendency”, a diagnosis common to women during the 19th century.

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