People’s String Foundation concert 

 December 1, 2016


Coordinating the live film production for People's String Foundation and their orchestra, performing from the St Ives Guildhall.

People's String Foundation

Claire supervised a small team from Falmouth University in the production of a multi-camera recording of a feature length DVD. 

Our team collaborated with The People’s String Foundation Orchestra to capture their performers from creative places.

A variety of camera angles were used, including a central balcony position, a Go Pro above the drum kit, a moving track behind the audience, an on-stage Ronin operator and several other handheld and tripod angles, to capture the performances of the whole orchestra.

People's String Foundation

Creating the final product

Claire managed the production crew before and during the shoot at St Ives Guildhall and was available throughout the editing period to the post-production team.

The post-production team faced the added challenge of handling 6-10 cameras worth of footage, all of different formats, as the cameras ranged from Go-Pros, to Canon 5Ds to C100s. 

Visit the People's String Foundation website for bookings, albums, photos and more.

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