A Year In A Field 

 August 31, 2022


Directed by Chris Morris. Produced by Denzil Monk. United Kingdom. 2022. 90min.
"As one comes closer the view grows wider and wider, until finally looking through the same narrow window one is looking at the universe.” 

- George Wald, Biologist

An ancient monolith stands in a Cornish field for millennia. A Year In A Field is a record of our brief interaction.

I have never glued my hand to a road, marched en masse or been arrested. Equally I’ve never simply stopped to watch and listen to the immediate piece of the earth on my doorstep. So my response to climate change is a quiet, unnoticed, one man vigil.

A small direct-action of stillness - twelve reflective months filming in a field with my phone. 

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