Talisker wilderness bar 

 July 20, 2019


Stories from the Talisker wilderness bar

"We hosted a gathering on the coast where we heard from six storytellers. As the sun was setting, we heard from Tom Kay. Founder of Finisterre, one of the most innovative outdoor brands in the world, Tom talks about the power of collaboration and his vision. Tom’s love of the sea was passed down from his parents and now runs through Finisterre, which he founded in 2003. Tom built a world leading brand by finding a better way of manufacturing – from the fabrics Finisterre uses to the collaborators he works with."

The project

Stories from the wilderness bar was shot on location in North Devon in the spring of 2019. 

Location sound recording was provided by Claire, utilising Porth Sound's on-location equipment set up, which includes both exterior directional & lav mics.

The client

Lightbox Film Company

"From coffee-fuelled concept generation, to days on set and nights in the edit, our close-knit team is buzzing with ideas. Everything we do is guided by your marketing objectives and informed by evidence, and we’re proud to live in that delicious sweet spot where creativity meets strategy.
Yeah, we’ve got a base in London. But we mostly work out of Cornwall.
The fresh air helps us think."

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