Spinnaker watches 

 December 10, 2018



Claire collaborated with Cornwall Filmmaker & Photographer, Chris Smith, on this short promotional film for Spinnaker.

 ‘Spinnaker Watches’ was filmed in Cornwall, with sound design & mix completed by Porth Sound. This project presented the Porth Sound team with the opportunity to use some Cornish SFX from our Sound Library.


Luke Dimech modelled the Spinnaker Watches filmed in Cornwall in this promotional film for Spinnaker. You, as viewer, see their vintage range promoted against the backdrop of a typical outdoor Cornish lifestyle.

During editing, Chris approached Claire to get her input on the film in terms of developing the sound. Promotional films often overlook sound in favour of a constant music track, so it is always great to get involved in a local project that is helping to promote the benefit of just a few more layers of sound! At Porth Sound, we have worked hard on our diverse sound effect library, which is why it’s great to get the opportunity to use our Cornwall collection on films shot nearby.

Visit Chris Smith's website for photos and more.

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