Clips from Calais 

 August 22, 2016


Clips from Calais: a film workshop series set up and led in ‘The Jungle’ refugee camp

Clips from Calais

Clips from Calais

The aim was to offer to help develop residents’ filmmaking skills in order to produce their own media independently – away from mainstream media ‘hate’ campaigns.

Claire joined the team as a sound recordist & filmmaking tutor, spending several weeks working out of the makeshift camp in Calais in 2016.

Clips from Calais Ecole

About the project

A filmmaking collective from the UK, Ireland and Slovakia made up of Directors, Producers, Practitioners, Lecturers and Humanitarians developed a series of filmmaking workshops in the former Calais refugee camp known as 'The Jungle'. Our aim was to develop the skills of young refugees within film, so that they would be able to mass produce their own media for online distribution. What this fundamentally provides is the opportunity for those residents on the ground to share their experiences first hand, away from mainstream media, resulting in a more honest, accurate representation of living conditions and who these people are as individuals.

David Morris

Reflections from the crew

David Morris is a writer, producer and director, who has received over 16 awards, including Best Documentary at the World Documentary Awards 2018, Best Documentary at the International Independent Film Awards 2017 and Best Documentary at IndieFest 2017, as well as 44 nominations in recent years.

"As a documentarian, I understand the challenges and rewards that can come from working in different
environments, as well as embracing the opportunity to work with those from different cultures and backgrounds. From my work in Brazil, South Korea, USA and with people in the Jungle refugee camp in Calais, France, I have tried to raise awareness by providing honest representations of people in need whilst ensuring the safety of my crew."

Watch a return to the site of the 'Jungle' after its destruction

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