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 August 8, 2016



Falmouth University is a thriving hub of all kinds of creative people. During her studies, Claire developed her network of talented freelancers and began a series of collaborations that have lasted since graduation.

Ella Turner student films at Falmouth University


Following a first class degree in Film and a Masters in Film and Television, Ella has worked on feature films and shorts, in both drama and documentary. Her latest commission has been granted by the BBC and Arts Council England in the New Creatives scheme.

Animind student films at Falmouth University

Animator & Graphic designer

Animind Studio delivers dynamic, high quality animated videos at a competitive price.

Founded by Film at Falmouth University graduate, Jake McBride, they have gone on to produce a variety of work for multiple high-profile clients.

Unknown Ravens

Documentary maker

Sema Basharan is an independent filmmaker and editor with a passion for human stories and using film to inspire social action. With a professional background in NGO film and communications, her filmmaking has always been driven by stories of personal testimony and social justice.

James Chatwin student films at Falmouth University

production sound mixer

James specialises in production sound for Television and Cinema. He is co-manager of Porth Sound alongside Claire, an end-to-end service for motion picture audio.

ElChris Smith student films at Falmouth University

Creative director & editor

An experienced freelance editor and photographer, Chris now works as Creative Director at Bull & Wolf, based in Cornwall, delivering social ready video for businesses of all sizes.

Oliver Chater student films at Falmouth University

Editor & VFX

A freelance editor and motion graphic designer; Ollie also build websites, plugins, and custom scripts amongst other things, based between LA and London.

Sole Mate (2014) - short


Cedric is in search of his perfect match, his other half, his missing partner, but is it as straight forward as true love?

Short Silent Comedy, made with a Surrealist influence. Explores the concept of searching for the perfect match.

Made as part of the Silent Cinema Module in the 1st Year of the BA (Hons) at Falmouth University.

The Highwayman (2016) - short


Set in 18th Century England, The Highwayman tells the tale of a fatal love triangle between Bess, the landlord’s daughter, Tim, the stable boy and The Highwayman.

Blue Boy (2015) - short


Adam is a reclusive artist whose romantic self-delusion has led him to believe his work is the result of having ink for blood. His delusion becomes so great that he sees himself in the form of an artwork he spies in a gallery. It is the creation of Sam; another artist who, in a bizarre encounter, will force Adam into re-evaluating the authenticity of his art and isolated lifestyle.

Trial by fire (2016) - short


(A DC Comics Fan Film)

A young man is put to the ultimate test when he attempts to rescue his captured mentor from a sadistic maniac.

Surreal Hospital (2017) - drama


Set inside an underground bunker, Surreal Hospital is an ensemble drama which explores themes of mistrust, guilt and moral dilemma. A government funded arms company is supplying rebel fighters with artillery, a scandal recently brought to light by war journalist Otis Clarke. Civil war ensues; Otis has been missing for weeks. Nadine, Hubert and Theo’s makeshift hospital becomes refuge for wounded Otis Clarke. The incentive to heal him decreases when it is revealed he is wanted by both the Government and bounty hunters, dead or alive. Otis soon becomes the catalyst for disaster as Hubert, Jasper and Nadine all conspire to eliminate one another, so they can claim Otis’ bounty for themselves.

Dinner manners (2017) - short


Dinner Manners is Lucy Linford’s short film made for Channel 4’s Random Acts, through Calling the Shots.

Lucy recites her poem ‘Dinner Manners’ and the film features stop-motion animation by Sammy-Jo Tawn.

Synthetica (2015) - short


A story set 30 years into the future whereby people have long deserted their previous homes, to continue life in a city vehemently run on communal efficiency and productivity by a mysterious corporation.

Upbeat (2016) - short


A short musical film about the town of St. Meadows, where everyone sings everything they say. Except for Janet.

Countrywide detective (2015)


System Error Studio were commissioned in Spring 2015 to produce a humorous short film for Countrywide Estate Agents about the lettings process.

Starring Countrywide employees from around South England, this short film tells the story of Inn Tern, who was tasked by his Boss to let a property by the end of the day, regardless of the obstacles in front of him.

Wild and free (2014) - short


Falmouth University Graphic Design student brief: A Graphic Design film, exploring the concept of first impressions as a person behind a mask, and showing how a group of students’ first year at University gives them the confidence to ‘take the mask’ off and be themselves.

Featuring Falmouth University Graphic Design Student’s Graphic Design work by Ben Dundas-Gray, Karan Patel, Tom Chorlton and Stewart Robertson.

Heroes & villains (2014) - event


The forces of Good and Evil combined for the greater objective of having one of the largest nights the Stannary has ever hosted. 

Joined with the help of DJs such as; JFB, Hong Kong Ping Pong, B Side, Phibes and Titan Sound, Kick Started Events created an occasion that will go down in infamy as one of the most extraordinary gigs the Stannary, Falmouth University’s Student Union Bar, has ever seen.

I see you (2014) - short


The life of an unemployed, lonely young woman is transformed when she comes across a mysterious article that reappears in the local newspaper.

Echelon Down (2014) - short


Short film based around Roman Polanski’s ‘Cul De Sac’, starring Rory Wilton, Anna Alfieri and Tony King.

Rules (2015) - event


A dance and arts performance based around the breaking of social rules, held at Falmouth Docks.

Susurrus ft. Tiece- XxXy (2015)


The video series have the concept of elements vs textures, and feature 3 dancer/choreographers from Cheap Date Dance Company; filming locations ranged from St Michael’s Hotel Swimming Pool to Pendennis Point, Falmouth.

Case of the Blues (2015)


The video series have the concept of elements vs textures, and feature 3 dancer/choreographers from Cheap Date Dance Company; filming locations ranged from St Michael’s Hotel Swimming Pool to Pendennis Point, Falmouth.

No Good For Me (2015)


The video series have the concept of elements vs textures, and feature 3 dancer/choreographers from Cheap Date Dance Company; filming locations ranged from St Michael’s Hotel Swimming Pool to Pendennis Point, Falmouth.

GOLD (2015) - short


GOLD is a ten-minute documentary that focuses on opinions of white culture in Britain from three multicultural British citizens and two scholars. It scratches the surface of the public’s unconscious views on their identity and affirms academic identity theories through poetic visuals to determine the developing views of race today, revelling in multiracial diversity and exposing the limitations around the current approach to race.

Evil Dead - redesigned (2014)


This is my Second Year Sound Design Project at Falmouth University.

The sound is designed to contrast, to show how sound creates equal meaning to visuals and how the story can be shaped and manipulated by the sound.
The first version is designed within conventions of the horror genre, but the second version is an experimental contrast with an altered meaning to the original story.

The Flappening (2015)


Are you prepared?

A Halloween short film; set in a Cornish dystopia where the seagulls are the stuff of your nightmares.

The Birds meets Psycho. 

Stolen (2017) - performance


The essence of all cinema, theatre and literature is a gripping tale well told. Using live music and the spoken word, the Devil’s Violin return us to that essence.Story written and performed by Daniel Morden.

Music composed & performed by Sarah Moody (cello) and Oliver Wilson-Dickson (violin/viola).

Director - Christopher Morris

Camera - George Morris

Sound - Claire Stevens

Editor- George Morris

Thank you to the School of Film and Television, Falmouth University

Our Woods (2014) - short


Set in a dystopian world, a brother and a sister are on the run from the repressive city. When they discover an injured solider, they must decide whether or not to help him.

Our Woods is password protected; to view, use the password: erinaiden

60 second film entry (2014)


Oliver Graves entered this short film into the 2014 Empire Jameson ‘Done in 60 Seconds’ competition, and it was shortlisted to the UK finalist stage.

Peter Weir’s 1989 Dead Poets Society was the template behind this satirical film, which features Acting and Theatre students from Falmouth University.

Claire was the sound recordist for this film, as well as assisting with the production design and scheduling of the shoot.

Dawn French Ceremony (2015)


Production Credit: Camera Operator

Footage of Dawn French being formally inaugurated as Falmouth University’s first Chancellor.

The Inauguration ceremony took place at King Charles the Martyr Church in Falmouth, and was followed by a day of celebrations.

The production involved a live mix between a crew of 5 camera operators, inside and outside the Church.

The Tradition (2015) - short


The Tradition is about Zara who is like any other normal girl her age. She goes to school, does her homework, and spends time with her friends – anything a normal teenager would do. However, her life is turned upside down as the generational gap between herself and the rest of her family is realised. Zara seeks refuge in her friend, Amina, and her mother, when cultural and diasporic conflict occurs. 



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