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Based in Carharrack, with both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Film from Falmouth University, Claire works across several creative disciplines.

She is a freelance sound editor & designer for film and video through Porth Sound and also teaches piano to students of all ages.

Why collaborate with Claire

Head of Film & TV, Falmouth University

Claire brings a mature and intelligent approach to her work and is able to communicate complex ideas to others in a clear and concise language. She is a self-starter, enthusiastic, motivated and capable. Her academic and creative work were of a consistently strong standard throughout her studies, well-researched and delivered with an informed writing style.

Associate Content Director, Rosewood Creative

Claire makes impossible sound possible. We tasked her to mix poorly recorded voice memos, foleys and music tracks — the results are cinematic, music-video quality soundscapes.

Delivery is always on time, despite being five thousand miles apart.

Editor in Chief, MAI Feminism

With her open mind, enthusiasm, social sensitivity, as well as an ability to quickly respond to constructive feedback, Claire has the potential to become a very successful research student and young academic. I already envy the person who will be her PhD supervisor: they will have a pleasant and smooth running job.

Claire's story

 Claire grew up within a small village community on the outskirts of the military area of Salisbury Plain. Her school years were entrepreneurial and performance focussed, where she regularly played piano in local shows alongside working as a project coordinator of a Young Enterprise company.  

In 2010, Claire won the NFTE's Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the UK and presented her business plan to a hall of philanthropists in New York. Her filmmaking journey began with the production of short comedy-dramas in collaboration with local acting students, with self-taught skills in script writing and editing. Her first significant credit was Director of a feature documentary about a historic railway line in Wiltshire featuring Sir Tony Robinson. This project ran several local cinema screenings and a run of private DVD sales from 2013.

Claire moved to Cornwall in 2013 to study Film at Falmouth University. Over her 3 years there, she specialised in sound recording and design and was employed part time by Script 2 Screen Media as a Project Supervisor. She ran a series of E-Learning film productions with David Morris at S2S and took a filmmaking & English workshop to the refugee camp in Calais with David Morris, Jake Graves and Katerina Complova.

Claire was approached to collaborate on another documentary featuring Sir Tony Robinson in 2015 by Australian scholar & researcher, Dr Faye Q. Miller. Imaginative Storytelling Experiences was released in 2016, featuring the 1980s TV programme, 'Tales from Fat Tulips Garden', the renowned storyteller Sir Tony Robinson and a group of viewers across the UK and Australia.

After graduating, Claire began working freelance for a number of clients. Her freelance experience has since ranged from location work with Channel 4, sound recording for Lightbox Film co, sound design for Apple Music US & Rosewood Creative, to sound mixing for Beagle Media.

In 2018, she returned to Falmouth University to complete a Masters degree in Film & Television. Alongside completing a series of research papers, Claire collaborated with Made Open Communications to produce a series of short 'news' style films with a group of autistic young people to communicate Cornwall Council's policy changes to other young people with autism and their families.

2019 saw her receive a commission from Screen Cornwall & the School of Film and Television at Falmouth University to produce her short film, Postbox. In the summer of 2019, Claire was contracted as an ethnographic video researcher for Design out Drowning with Made Open & the RNLI, delivering online content & stakeholder engagement.

In the early part of 2020, Claire gave guest lectures to Falmouth University students about creative freelancing and her experiences after graduating. She edited sound for Martha Tilston's debut feature, The Tape, and completed her own film project, The Postbox.

Claire's sound design for Sema Basharan's documentary The Branches Are Hope; The Roots Are Memory saw success as the film was selected for Sheffield Doc Fest 2021 and nominated for Best Short Film.

In late 2023, two feature documentaries on wildlife topics saw success with film festivals and cinema distribution. A Year in a Field toured cinemas around the UK; The Eagle with the Sunlit Eye premiered at Bannf mountain film festival and announced a host of other exciting news too.


Claire began peripatetic piano lessons in 2016 and has been tutoring students through practical exams & concerts since. Find out more.

Claire formed Porth Sound with sound recordist James Chatwin; between them they offer location & editing services for a wide range of film & television clients. See more about Porth Sound.

Claire is passionate about creative, community-focussed projects, never leaves a job until it is completed and is always open to new roles and collaborations.

Current news

Recently, Claire has been regularly working for Made Open as an Account Manager & Business Sustainability Lead, managing many of their online community platform clients. She led the creation of a new video tutorial series and helped Made Open become a B Corp in 2020

Work in progress is happening across a range of films with Porth Sound, for up to date information, visit this page.

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